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Full Suspension basic -$60

  • Bike wash

  • Safety Check / Torque Check

  • Brake Alignment

  • Front and/or Rear Derailleur Alignment 

Gnarly B's Special $125

  • Derailleur adjustment, brake alignment, bike safety check, bike wash, chain lube, and... BOOM

  • Lower fork service (foam ring, and oil included)

Full suspension  Premium - $185

  • Includes everything from the Gnarly B's Special PLUS:

  • Brake fluid is completely flushed, and re bleed. 

  • Shift Cable is replaced, and lines are injected with lubricant 

  • Pivots are inspected. Any additional work to the suspension linkage is discounted during this service.

  • Shock air can service charge is only $30 with a premium service (seals not included, not always needed, range $15-$30). 

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