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Connor is the owner and mechanic for Gnarly B's Bikes.

Connor Graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point in 2016 and commissioned into the Army as an Infantry Officer. He went on to graduate from Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, and SERE school and deployed as a platoon leader to Afghanistan in 2018. While deployed Connor began to develop Compartment Syndrome in his lower legs. The injury worsened when he trained and competed in the Army's Best Ranger Competition. After a bilateral fasciotomy surgery, Connor turned all of his focus on mountain biking. That's when the mission for Gnarly B's started. 


Connor started Gnarly B's Bikes in his garage in March 2020 with a dream and an iPhone 6 as his high tech camera gear. Connor will fulfil his military obligation this year and go full time with the Gnarly B's.


Gnarly B's will be moving into its first store front in February 2021. Connor plans to race throughout the 2021 season, and grow an extremely inclusive mountain biking community in the Colorado Springs area.


As always, #GetGnarly

Random Fun Fact

Connor is the Co Driver for his Brother in Laws Jeep Race Team, Gear Monkey Racing (4600 class). There will be times throughout the year, where Connor will step away to attend a prepare and attend a Race. Their next big race is the King of the Hammers, in February. Check out Gear Monkey Racing to Follow the team, or reach out if you have any questions! 

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