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Lower Fork service - $50

  • Foam ring and Oil is included

    • If you need new dust seals, they typically cost ~$30 for the set

Derailleur Alignment - $20

  • NOTE: If you buy a bike from us or have had your bike worked on regularly, and it isn't shifting great... bring it in! I am sure we can knock this out on the spot, for FREE. 

Tubeless set up - $25 per tire

  • This cost includes the labor, tape and sealant

  • The only additional cost is the Tubeless Valve Stems. There are several options to choose from, but most are ~$25 for the set. 

  • Though we are confident with our tubeless success rate, if your tire loses are after we return it to you, we will fix that problem for free, immediately

1x Drivetrain Conversion - $100 

  • I will help guide you in the direction on what drivetrain to buy. This cost includes the labor for the install and the alignment for your new set up. 

  • The cost of the parts is extremely variable on the drivetrain you'll would like to go with. However, I will be glad to help choose!

Endless Options

  • If you have an idea, or need a quote, just give us a call and we will help you out! If you dream it, we can create/build it. 

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